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IDR Free 30 Days Trial

Test drive Caveo Systems new Incident Detection and Response (IDR) managed security for 30 days. Caveo InsightIDR detects intruders better than other “next-gen” technologies.

The test drive will provide your organisation with live detection analytics by leveraging these advanced detection methods:

1. User Behaviour Analytics
2. Attacker Behaviour Analytics
3. Deception Technology
4. Endpoint Detection and Visibility
5. Centralised Log Management
6. Visual Investigation Timeline

Caveo InsightIDR provides pre-built detection capabilities with surface indicators of stealthy intruder behaviour, and will offer your security staff a specific evidence path to minimise the time it takes to mitigate incidents, with a goal of eradicating them before they become data breaches.

Contact our sales department today.
Paul Mansfield
Head of Sales
Tel: 01 466 1188
Our Professional Technical Services package is available in 5, 10 or 20 day option. When you buy our 20 day package, we will give you a generous 15% discount.
  • 20 day pack - save 15%
  • 10 day pack - save 10%
  • 5 day pack - save 5%
Contact our sales department today.
Paul Mansfield
Head of Sales
Tel: 01 466 1188
Subscribe to our 10 Day or 20 Day package and we will give you a FREE McAfee Health Check.

When you purchase our Professional Technical Services packages, you will receive superior technical support from our McAfee certified ACE personnel, plus many other features and benefits. Advance purchase of our professional services packages entitles you to avail of the services your business needs:
  • Priority support with assured call back within 30 minutes for all support calls
  • Direct access to product specialists
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of McAfee products
  • McAfee's product upgrades
  • Migration of McAfee products to newer server platform
  • Proof of concept – try before you buy
  • Outbreak control
  • Assistance with implementation and “How To” feature assistance
  • Advanced Training Workshop
  • Network Security Analysis
  • Phone/E-Mail Support Tickets
  • Remote Support Services
  • On-Site Support Services
  • Consultancy

For more details, please contact us.
Paul Mansfield
Head of Sales
Tel: 01 466 1188
For a limited time, Caveo Systems is offering a FREE Network IPS two-week trial - without obligation. You will be assigned a Senior Technical Engineer for the duration of the trial to ensure it is fine-tuned to meet your organisation’s specific requirements and to respond to any queries that may arise.

Please contact our to schedule a start date for your trial.