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We have successfully completed numerous IT security projects - from basic installations to complex design and implementations in a multitude of environments.

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Caveo Systems has achieved great success in deploying Forcepoint-Stonesoft Next Generation Firewalls in a multitude of industries including public sectors, engineering and education.

Our customer, an intelligence gathering unit, needed to refresh their legacy firewalls. We worked closely with them through the entire process - from demonstrating the core nextgen security features, conducting proof of concept to procurement and full commissioning. Today, they have better visibility of the activities on their firewalls - all from a single powerful and granular dashboard. The design of the firewall security rules are very easy to understand and administer. The workflow design from configuration to administration and incident analysis is relatively easy. They are also impressed with the resilience in the firewall clustering, Multi-WAN and VPN. Together, these features provide them the assurance for high availability.

If you want to learn more of the monetary benefits and security KPI on NextGen Firewalls, please read this white paper here.
This project covered the provision of 60,000 nodes of Total Endpoint Protection and the associated services for our customer, a large health authority, deployed across eight regional sites. This turnkey project featured:
  • Project planning and design
  • Installation of core server infrastructure
  • Configuration of security software server
  • Design and configuration of client systems management group
  • Implementation and validation of security policies
  • Automated script removal of existing anti-malware
  • Dashboard management and reporting
  • Pilot deployment to full production deployment
  • Documentation management and deployment reporting
  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Suppport and maintenance
Caveo Systems was engaged to assist in the tracking down and removal of a malicious BOT which was causing the blacklisting of a large medical device company leading to wide scale disruption of business.

Within two hours, our team had deployed McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention system and with its enhanced Intrusion Prevention diagnostics and malicious bot detection signatures, the threat was quickly identified. The infected system was firstly contained by the McAfee Network IPS allowing engineers time to identify and remove it from the network.

On realising the power and benefits of the McAfee Network Security Platform, our customer invested permanently in the intrusion prevention system.
We implemented the migration of our customer's critical email service to the cloud using McAfee Email SaaS Protection. Our customer, a large medical device company, has had many issues with email outages due to IP blacklist caused by outbound spam bots.

Caveo Systems assisted with the proof of concept of the Email SaaS (Security as a Service), followed by the complete implementation. The entire email service for the company was migrated seamlessly and without any disruption. The result is now self-evident, as over the past few years since using the Email SaaS server, our customer has not experienced any email outage issues resulting from IP blacklist. In addition, the Email SaaS service now elevates the company’s email service through increased delivery speed and assured email security (by deploying complete inbound email filtering and comprehensive outbound email protection). All these help to ensure our customer achieves a greater resilience towards their business continuity goals.
Caveo Systems successfully implemented McAfee Web Gateway Security for a high performance insulation and building fabric organisation across 13 global locations in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The project had to be completed in a very tight timeline and Caveo Systems met the expectation by completing the project in 3 days with the successful migration of over 3,000 users.

The project involved:
  • Project planning and management for the migration from Websense solution to the high performance McAfee Web Security appliances
  • Installation and configuration of Web Gateway appliances across 13 global locations
  • Design for a complete central management of all appliances and managed through a single console
  • Centralise web reporting functions for all sites and customise reporting for variable business needs
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Transfer of knowledge to the organisation's Web Security team
  • Provision of comprehensive technical support
Caveo Systems successfully deployed McAfee Application Control as one of the security solutions for a large toy company. As this company, like many other retail companies, use fixed purpose Windows based Point of Sale terminals. The Application Control Whitelisting approach was deemed more suitable than the traditional Blacklisting approach, increasing security and at the same time enhancing system performance.

McAfee Application Control was deployed seamlessly across hundreds of stores both in Ireland and the UK by the Caveo Systems' team with little or no impact on day to day business.
With the explosion of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, Caveo Systems has seen a dramatic increase in the requirement to have these devices protected with full disk encryption.

Caveo Systems recently implemented a McAfee Drive Encryption solution for a large health organisation with over 40,000 systems spread over numerous regions. We provided Proof of Concept and Project Management services in order to ensure that the solution implemented would fit the robust dynamics of these mobile devices as well as ensuring quick and easy recovery options when necessary.

The central management system designed for this project ensures that no matter where these devices are in the world, they are visible, secure and recoverable.
Caveo Systems has assisted numerous companies to migrate from their legacy endpoint security solution to a new McAfee based solution. Many organisations, from small to very large enterprises, have entrusted Caveo Systems to undertake this project.

We have to date migrated over 200,000 systems in the UK and Ireland. We are strong advocates of the proper implementation - solutions are tailored to customers’ needs and not implemented “out of the box”. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures successful Endpoint Security migration each and every time. And we guarantee you Industry Best Practice.
Guaranteed Best Industry Practice