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The combination of tight budgets, a shortage of IT security expertise, and increasing security threats are why our Managed Security Services is a perfect fit for your IT security management.

In partnership with McAfee, Caveo Systems offers you a full suite of Managed Security Services (MSS) - from the basic antivirus solution on your workstations all the way through to Next Generation Firewalls and Advanced Threat Defence. Caveo Systems is the largest McAfee PLATINUM partner in Ireland with an increasing presence in the UK. Our knowledge and hands on experience is unmatched because McAfee is all we do. We do not dilute our knowledge with other vendors and have a sole focus on working with and improving McAfee products and services for our customers.

In three easy steps, you can be fully managed by our McAfee certified engineers who will deal with all aspects of your McAfee solutions.

Speak with a certified Caveo Systems Technical Sales representative to identify the McAfee suite you are currently subscribed to and they will advise you on what technologies you will need managed as well as to highlight those you may wish to implement to further enhance your security.

In order that Caveo Systems provide you with the best service possible, our engineers will need to have a full and detailed understanding of your environment. This will require us to a do a detailed security review of all McAfee products operating in your network. Once completed, we will highlight exactly what you need to implement your solutions to industry best practices and will make an on-boarding plan specifically for you.

With our McAfee certified engineers who have extensive in-depth knowledge and years of experience, you can be assured that the management of your chosen solutions are in the safest hands.
Our Managed Security Services Operations Centre is located in Dublin. Our service ensures the security of our clients' crucial systems by providing threat management, real-time alerting, incident response and remediation services. A team of highly trained and certified security analysts provide daily maintenance and proactively inspect our clients' security environments. We rapidly respond to potential problems and work closely with our clients on remediation efforts. We assign a dedicated third level engineer to your account, who can be called upon for escalation of support or security incidents.

We offer you two ownership models on our managed services:
  • CAPEX - With our capital expenditure option, you pay and own outright the equipment and subscribe to our managed services, payable quarterly.
  • OPEX - With our operating expenses option, you do not have to pay upfront for the appliances. This is built-in into the quarterly subscription fees over a number of years. This option allows your company to treat this expenditure as an operating expense and becomes tax deductible immediately.

  • * Not all solutions are available for Capex or Opex option.

    In addition, options for the equipment location are also available.
  • Managed On Premises - We install the appliances on our site and manage them remotely for you from our SOC.
  • Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) - The appliances are located in your premises and we manage them remotely from our SOC.
  • Constant Changes In The Security Landscape
    Information security is a rapidly changing, complex field, requiring specialists with deep knowledge of systems and of the changing threat landscape. With IT departments lacking time and resources, it makes sense to entrust to the experts those areas that are outside of your expertise, so you can focus your talent and resources where they can add the most value to your business. The continued growth of managed security services suggests that companies no longer believe they have the necessary skills to properly maintain their information security posture.
  • Limited Talent Pool
    Experienced security engineers are lacking in numbers and tend to require high remunerations, and companies simply cannot afford the talent. Lack of trained professionals can quickly put a strain on your organisation.
  • Increased Regulatory Mandates
    As more data and sensitive information transitions online, both industry and governmental groups have pushed for the application of regulatory standards. When an organization must be in compliance with its own internal policies, and also industry policies, customer policies, and governmental regulatory requirements, the complexity quickly escalates.
  • Financial Considerations
    With MSS, you do not need to recruit a team of IT security specialists. This can result in significant savings.

    When working on OPEX model, there is no need to allocate a big chunk of financial resources for capital expenditure. MSS can be expensed as operating expenses.
Where once information security was considered so core a component of an organisation that no outsider could ever be trusted with its management, today this is no longer the case. There is a genuine cultural shift in the acceptance of outsourcing of security.
  • We are a pure-play IT security company. We specialise in security and concentrate all our efforts on security technologies, which makes us the best at what we do.
  • Our technical staff are highly experienced and well qualified. Our consultants and engineers hold highly regarded industry certifications from leading vendors. Together, our team has over 75 years of leading edge security and IT experience; during which time, our consultants and engineers have successfully consulted and implemented many network infrastructure projects and complex IT security solutions.

The following Managed Services are now available from us:
Our Managed Security Service for Endpoint Protection is powered by McAfee, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

It is customer specific and therefore highly customisable. The technologies covered include:
  • McAfee e-Policy Orchestrator
  • McAfee Device Control
  • McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention
  • McAfee Site Advisor
Our standard services for this offering include installations, upgrades, migration, health checks, outbreak control, network security analysis, critical asset log data analysis, policy compliance review, remote and onsite support services, and training.

We then enhance these with the features below:
  • Dedicated Remote Access
  • Customised Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports
  • 24x7 Alerting
  • 12x5 Remediation
  • Daily System Compliance Management
  • Critical Event Alerting (Customer Escalation)
As organisations vary in size and complexity, we can customise our managed services to suit your company. Contact our sales department today to discuss your requirements.
Firewalls and VPN are essential parts of your IT security. They are, however, complicated and time consuming to secure and maintain. Our MSS for Firewall service leverages the most advanced technologies and processes from Forcepoint (Stonesoft) Next Generation Firewalls have to offer. These NextGen firewalls are recommended by NSS Labs, and rated as a leader in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Enterprise Network Firewalls.

We provide management and monitoring of your firewalls. Our security teams monitor and analyse your firewalls, and provide immediate alerting and escalation of any security incidents, as well as recommendations for mitigation.

We also work closely with your IT team to ensure a collaborative effort throughout any security threats. Our service offering also includes lifecycle management of these devices, including updates and upgrades to the systems.
Next generation intrusion prevention system (NG-IPS) will give you added protection at layer 7 application analysis and manage application traffic within network segments. It can detect sophisticated attacks, such as advanced evasion techniques (AETs) at the network edge. We provide active management and continuous monitoring to protect your network from harmful traffic that may have passed through or bypassed your firewalls. We vigilantly monitor your network, aggregating and analysing security alerts in real time to proactively identify and prevent intrusions.
Our SIEM Managed Security Service is powered by Rapid7 InsightIDR, a visionary leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant. InsightIDR unifies SIEM, UBA, ABA, and EDR capabilities with your existing network and security stack to provide real-time visibility and incident detection across your network, endpoints, and cloud services. Our managed services include the design and configuration of the SIEM, maintainence and monitoring, alerting and reporting, compliance reviews, log management and retention, and handling security incidents.

For an exploratory or detailed discussions on our Managed Security Services, please call or email our Sales Department.
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