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Case Study Smyths Toys
Three interesting case studies relating to cloud access security are available from Forcepoint.

Metro Bank - Securing Office 365 Applications
Leading Consultancy Firm - A single solution safeguard both in-house and third party cloud apps
Global Airlines - Empowering a mobile workforce for SaaS apps

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NSS Labs performed an independent test of the Forcepoint Stonesoft Next-Generation Firewall 1402 v5.8.5. Using the recommended policy, the Stonesoft NGFW 1402 blocked 98.8% of attacks against server applications, 98.5% of attacks against client applications, and 98.6% of attacks overall. The device proved effective against all evasion techniques tested. The device also passed all stability and reliability tests.

Download the full test report here.
Innovative leader in children’s entertainment products

With 68 stores throughout the UK and Ireland, Smyths Toys sells an extensive range of high quality products at competitive prices. Customers can find toys, bikes, video games, DVDs and activity kits which encourage learning and develop creativity for children of all ages.

Smyths Toys aims to be a leader in product innovation as well as in delivery of exceptional customer service. Supporting these goals in a rapidly expanding business required reassessment of the company’s systems for antivirus protection and data loss prevention. Till transaction times were being adversely affected by traditional antivirus protection and scanning. In addition, there was a requirement to ensure compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards.

Implementing a McAfee solution
Smyths Toys approached McAfee, initially looking for a solution to protect EPOS systems which would be commercially attractive, easy to deploy and able to provide the necessary level of protection. Caveo Systems, a McAfee Elite Partner, worked with Smyths Toys and recommended McAfee Endpoint Protection – Advanced Suite as the ideal upgrade from the McAfee SaaS antivirus protection which had been in place for some years. McAfee EPA offers integrated, proactive security that blocks malware and zero-day threats.

Caveo Systems also discussed protection of virtual servers within the Smyths Toys infrastructure and proposed McAfee MOVE AntiVirus. Uniquely designed to bring optimised, advanced malware protection for virtualised desktops and servers, MOVE AntiVirus delivers flexible, top-rated security and high performance. Other areas addressed by implementing McAfee solutions included application control and full disk encryption to protect laptops used by mobile staff at Smyths Toys.

Achieving PCI compliance
According to Seamus Hogan, Networks & Infrastructure Manager at Smyths Toys, ‘With all our protection products now under the umbrella of McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), our IT Networks and Security Team can manage, monitor, deploy, set up and view reports on every single device in the estate within a matter of minutes. We also have a solution that will help reduce the time required for Smyths Toys to achieve and maintain PCI compliance.

‘Because our IT resources are limited we needed all the help we could get to achieve high level protection and Caveo Systems provided vital 24/7 support. Deployment of protection to endpoints can be managed remotely; even systems that had previous versions of McAfee SaaS products were completed in minutes. Only minimum downtime was required, and when it did become necessary it was very easy to postpone the reboot until out of hours.’

Download case study here.
The University of Dundee is one of Scotland’s leading institutions and one of the world’s top 250 universities.

"Today, we have a generation of staff members who are technically smart, use multiple devices to access what they want, when they want. They now come to IT to push us for the latest technology. We have to embrace this and work with this new breed of user.”

University of Dundee and Avecto created a Trusted Source environment and used Privilege Guard functions such as Trusted Publishers, Trusted URLs and Trusted OS functions. This eliminates the need for any user to have Administrator rights or privileges. By deploying a privilege management solution, the team was able to give the users what they needed but ensure the security of the environment was maintained.

Download case study here.
Stealth is the art of travelling undetected and of being invisible.

Stealth techniques allow malware to lock on to vulnerable endpoints. When malware takes root inside a system, it can take their pick of data assets, computing resources, or covert hiding spots for reconnaissance. From one compromised system, it moves move through the network looking for vulnerabilities and data assets.

Operating at the user, kernel, and firmware levels, rootkit malware can hide, replicate, protect itself against being overwritten, and deactivate anti-virus protection and other defenses. It is also clever enough to use stealth techniques to limit the risk of exposure. It can minimise system user impact, mask data movement on a LAN, remove and reinstall itself, update itself via the web, and move from machine to machine and back again.

By looking innocent when it enters the computer and then lying dormant, the code waits for the right time to activate, download its payload, and corrupt the system.

Perhaps most devastating, many rootkits can self-heal, reinstalling themselves from a hiding place after a system has been cleaned.

To protect your company from stealth and rootkit malwares, please contact Caveo Systems.